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What is TRACXS
What is TRACXS?

TRAXCS is a team-oriented solution that uses software to manage the complexity of the design cycle.

The solution has two parts. One part is building teams to achieve consensus about the design while the other part is software to document the results of the design process.

The TRACXS solution starts with determining customer’s needs and ends with delivery of the product or service to the end user.

Reason for creating TRACXS
Reason for creating TRACXS software

The author was involved in research and design for many years. Over the years it was noticed that there were many problems that were common to most organizations. Some of these problems are:

  • Customer’s needs may not be documented,
  • All stakeholders may not be involved in the design process,
  • Communications between different parts of an organization needs improvement,
  • Relationships between various design documents are not recorded,
  • Documentation is scattered throughout the organization, and
  • It is difficult to prove customer’s needs are met by a design when a project is completed.

The TRACXS solution was designed to address these and many other problems in the design process.

Who needs TRACXS
Who needs TRACXS?

TRACXS is designed for organizations wanting to:

  • prove customer’s needs are met,
  • reduce design cycle time,
  • improve internal communication, and
  • better document designs.

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Simplify the design process and Six Sigma by using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as a design tool in a networked environment. Save time and money, manage teams and projects with TRACXS software.

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