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Our mission is to provide efficient and effective solutions to managing the design cycle.

To do this we will introduce a set of methods that will:

  • reduce the cost of developing products, services, and systems for our clients;
  • integrate many aspects of clients’ existing development activities into one process;
  • train customer’s staff in the new process;
  • develop software to help manage the design cycle.
Our first responsibility is to exceed the needs and expectations of the people who use our products and services. We will deliver high quality products and services that are safe and effective for the user and those who depend on our service. We must strive to continuously reduce the costs of doing our work so that prices remain reasonable. Customers’ orders will be serviced promptly and accurately.


The name Qualitiqua comes from Quality, which is the main driving force behind the whole TRACXS idea.

Qualitiqua is in the business of helping people achieve their dreams using quantified methods.

Qualitiqua is David Tozer and Associates.

Meet David Tozer

David Tozer earned a Ph. D in physics from the University of Waterloo. The topics studied were x-ray crystallography, binary alloys and statistical methods of analyzing x-ray crystallography data. After leaving university he worked in various organizations in the quality field. While working in these areas he also became an American Society for Quality Certified Quality Engineer. Dr. Tozer has a particular interest in seeing quantitative methods used to make decisions. Dr. Tozer has trained over 500 people on topics in the quality field. Most of the courses were on quantitative methods for data analysis.

Dr. Tozer implemented a Total Quality Management system in a defence contractor environment that led to significant savings for the contractor while leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

After working many years in the research and design process in many different organizations, he realized a lot of organizations where losing time and money in the design process. He also learned of a new method that better manage the design cycle. This method is Quality Function Deployment. It is his observation that many organizations could improve their design cycle by following the ideas involving all stakeholders in the design process and documenting the results of the design in a QFD diagram.

TRACXS was developed to allow organizations to easily implement the full QFD methodology with the minimum of overhead. The development took over two and a half years and the results of the design are recorded on the TRACXS software used by Qualitiqua. Software written by Qualitiqua is found to be user friendly, versatile, and complete.

Other services offered by Qualitiqua

Qualitiqua offers training in Quality Function Deployment, TRACXS software, team work, quality management and statistical methods. We also offer a consulting service to help with the installation of the TRACXS solution or any quality management issue. We work closely with top and senior management in implementing any solution. We have experience in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Health Care.

Inquire about our TRAINING PROGRAMS

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Simplify the design process and Six Sigma by using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as a design tool in a networked environment. Save time and money, manage teams and projects with TRACXS software.

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