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Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ section will be constantly updated with feedbacks from our clients. If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask: info@qualitiqua.com

How long does it take before TRACXS can make a difference in my budget?

The TRACXS system will make savings in this year’s budget. If you implement TRACXS now you will be able to save money within one month of completing the training. We can even supply monitoring of the process to make the transition even smoother.

It looks complicated...

We agree the process/software looks complicated, that is only because you've seen an overlook of it in this website. Once you get familiar with the process, you'll find it very organized and intuitive. Training will reduce the feeling of complexity. The current process, although undocumented, is very complicated and involves much iteration. It is so complicated that it is difficult to determine the cost the process. The TRACXS method will reduce the number of iterations. In a few weeks it will reduce the current complexity.

Do we absolutely need to train our staff?

Yes. If you don’t train your staff you may not get the return on investment you expected. Plus, the TRACXS Solution was made to work with TEAMS: the design process council team, and the people involved in the design itself.

Team should be brought together and trained in how to function as a team before they learn about the process or tools. Once the individuals have leaned of their duties on a team they learn the process. As part of learning the process the team learns how to use the required tools and to interpret the data generated.

Will implementation cause many interruptions?

Some, at the beginning. But as people become more familiar with the process and set aside time to deal with the process, the feeling of many interruptions will disappear. Actually, TRACXS will save you a lot of time by lowering your administrative overhead and easily produce a variety of reports allowing the stakeholders to keep track of development faster.

We already have a design process. Why do we need this one?

The TRACXS method is proven to reduce the cost of the design process. The process uses concurrent engineering. Concurrent engineering deals with warranty cost and lost customers who are unhappy. Every problem prevented leads to happier customers and better market position.

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Simplify the design process and Six Sigma by using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as a design tool in a networked environment. Save time and money, manage teams and projects with TRACXS software.

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