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Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement
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manage the design process

A new way to manage the design process built around Quality Function Deployment

TRACXS is a robust, interactive, user friendly software that facilitates the management of teams and projects in the design phase.




- The TRACXS method is proven to
reduce the cost of the design process
by using concurrent engineering.

-The TRACXS is project AND team
has a dynamic approach,
and reduces the time to complete
a design.


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Quality For a limited time
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Six Sigma Take the animated tour
See how simple TRACXS is.
Customer's needs In many organization stakeholders do not work closely with each other. This results in delays in getting the design completed and reduced customer satisfaction.
With TRACXS, all stakeholders can ensure a product or service is designed to meet the customers’ needs. SEE HOW...>

Simplify the design process and Six Sigma by using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as a design tool in a networked environment. Save time and money, manage teams and projects with TRACXS software.

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